CITB CSCS Health and Safety Test  Exam Download
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CITB CSCS Health and Safety Test Exam Download

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CITB CSCE download, questions and answers 2014 test course UK, exam pass 100%

download health and safety test here

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CITB CSCS Health And Safety Test Practice

download health and safety test new, updated and revised for 2014

Very Easy to understand, for all CSCS CITB TESTS-Pass first time with this help! Full mock test exam questions and answers for 2011. Health, safety & environment test. Everything you need to know about the HS & E Test

Guaranteed 100 % pass rate or your money back!

This is a CSCS test revision download but please ensure that you give a valid accessable email at time of purchase as your automaticaly generated guest account details are sent to it!

Works with windows 98, win 2000, windows ME, vista and windows 7 ( 32 bit systems only-not compatible with 64 bit )

Remember NO CARD NO WORK !



The Test Question Mock and Practice

Contains all the questions you could face in the test, with a voice-over to questions in English and mock-up tests so you can practice the test as you will sit it.             

This best buy top rated revision guide covers all areas that could be examined. Depending on which CSCS test you take simply install and choose your subjects, including these subjects:

    1. general responsibilities
    2. accident prevention and reporting
    3. health and welfare 
    4. manual handling
    5. working at height
    6. personal protective equipment  (PPE)
    7. emergency procedures and first aid
    8. safe use of hazardous substances
    9. electrical safety
    10. hand held equipment and tools
    11. fire prevention and control
    12. safety signs and signals
    13. site transport safety
    14. noise and vibration
    15. excavations and confined spaces
    16. supervisory and management
    17. demolition
    18. plumbing and gas
    19. highway works
    20. specialist working at height
    21. lifts and escalators
    22. h & v domestic heating and plumbing services
    23. h & v pipefitting/welding
    24. h & v ductwork
    25. refrigeration and air conditioning
    26. HVACR services and facilities maintenance
    27. And much more..

All forms, contacts and full information extras included. This is one of the best available-don’t miss out!




Contains every question you could face in the test, with a voice-over to questions in English and mock-up tests so you can practice Safety Test for the Professionally Qualified Person

A Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card is the easy way to prove that you are competent in your occupation and have health and safety awareness. And as it is the size of a credit card with your photo and unique reference number on it is easy to slip into your wallet to use as instant identification when you arrive on site.

There’s no need to worry about your test as long as you are prepared for it. There is no substitute for good health and safety training.
If you have been trained, have experience and good health and safety knowledge you may find that you only need to practice the test questions!

Please note: The Test question bank has been revised. It is important to make sure you have the correct revision materials. If you are taking the test from 2 April onwards you will need to ensure you use the mock tests and application forms included on this disc

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)  

How to apply for your CSCS card   INCLUDED DETAILS ON downloaded file

Things you will need if you already skilled in your job. 

1. Health and Safety Test Pass.
2. A filled out CSCS Application Form.
3. Proof of date of birth.
4. A passport type photograph of yourself.

How do I get a card?

You can use an application form from this disc

How much does a card cost?

All CSCS cards cost £30.00 which is inclusive of VAT at 20% to sit the health and safety test all the different forms included on disc. HELP AND GRANTS AVAILABLE, your work may provide the test for free also.

Who administers the CSCS scheme?

Construction Skills

I have a SCORE card and wish to apply for a CSCS card. What do I need to do?

Included is a Score Transfer Card Application Form which explains the information, supporting evidence and payment required.

A CD/Book version is also available which is sent out either first class (UK) or via International airmail (Global) you can order this here

Fully Updated and revised for 2011
Very very Easy to understand!

Works with windows 98, win 2000, windows ME, vista and windows 7.

Not suitable for windows x64 bit Operating Systems or Apple Mac without windows 86 bit emulation software. 

Please also install the free virtual drive software if one is not already installed Here (only necessary if you have no cd available )

If you are unsure if this means your PC please email us before purchasing and ask what you get and how to install on your pc. 

Any install questions see FAQCITB ) pages

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